• Address: Seminaarinkatu 15
  • Opening Hours: Open during scheduled classes and sessions.  
    Services: Group fitness classes, ball games (table tennis), classes, and courses. 
  • Facilities: Gymnasium 
  • Dressing rooms and showers: Gender-segregated shower-equipped changing rooms. 
  • Lockers: No lockers.  
  • Entrance: Entrance from the Seminaarinmäki side. 
  • Information: Seminaarinmäki, Library, tel. 029 4418 069 
  • Description of the facility: The majestic and historic gymnastics hall Ryhtilä is the oldest sports building at the University of Jyväskylä. Ryhtilä is nestled amidst pine trees on the Seminaarinmäki hill, behind the old Seminaari brick buildings. Among the uMoven services at Ryhtilä are dance classes, table tennis, and sport courses. 
  • Equipment: Necessary equipment can be found in the gym's equipment storage.