Jamk sports hall

  • Address: Rajakatu 35
  • Opening Hours: During academic terms, Mon-Fri 7:30 am to 8:00 pm 
    Services: Group fitness classes, ball game sessions, and courses. 
  • Facilities: Sports hall 
    Dressing rooms and showers: Gendered dressing rooms with showers. No sauna. 
  • Lockers: In the main lobby of the dressing rooms, there are lockable lockers with keys ready. 
  • Entrance: Access from main entrance (D1), dressing rooms on ground floor, gym on 2nd floor.  
  • Information: Attendants desk can be found on the first floor (main entrance floor). Lost items can be inquired about from the attendants: +358405570822.
  • Description of the facility: The sports hall of the Jamk Main Campus is used for uMove group fitness, ball game, and courses. Depending on the session, the halls can accommodate approximately 40 participants.
  • Equipment: Group fitness: The equipment can be found in the sports hall. Ball game: Balls can be found in the sports hall.