Rentukka gym

  • Address: Taitoniekantie 9
  • Opening Hours: JYY:n / Rentukka website. 
  • Services: Gym training 
  • Facilities: Gym 
  • Dressing rooms and showers: At Rentukka Gym, there are no changing rooms, so it's recommended to come dressed in workout attire or be prepared to change clothes in the changing room located in the shower facilities on the 9th floor of Building A. However, the gym does have restroom facilities and showers, with additional showers available on the 9th floor of Building A.
  • Lockers: In the gym's storage area, you'll find a shoe rack and coat rack. There are small lockable lockers for personal items during workouts. Please don't leave belongings overnight. Locked lockers are monitored; any left locked beyond workout time will be emptied during cleaning. 
  • Entrance: The main entrance to the gym is located at the northern end of the Rentukka building, at ground level. Present your uMoven gym card to the reader next to the door and enter once it opens. Take the stairs to the 2nd floor, where you'll find the gym. 
  • Information: 
  • Description of the facility: Rentukka Gym is a modern, accessible gym situated in the heart of Kortepohja Student Village. Read more.