Check out uMove's new website

The new website is now launched. Check it out and save the new address! 

uMove's new and fresh website is now published! At the same time, the website got a new address: Check out the site and save the new address to your bookmarks.

The new website has been designed to improve the user experience and make navigation easier. The new fresh look reflects uMove's cheerful brand. 

The pages have been implemented on the Plone 6 publishing system, and the technical implementation of the pages has been carried out by the university's digital services. Special thanks go to application designer Miro Paananen for his significant contribution to the project. Leevi Sorri is responsible for the visual design.  

uMove’s team is responsible for the content of the website and we will continue developing the website after publication. Your feedback is valuable to us - if you have any suggestions or if you notice any improvements, please contact:

uMove's team